Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Size does matter .....

I was so tired of ordering pearls and such just to find out they were to small, so I decided to find a chart.
I think this one is just perfect.  Hope it helps everyone as well :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Creative Cutting Challenge!"

My niece was wanting a pad of paper to take to her friends baby shower so that the other Mothers there could write a special piece of advice to the Mommy To Be.  I said "hold on one second", ran into my scrap area and in a few minutes came out with this darling little onesie loaded with 30 pieces of pastel cardstock for each attendee to write her words of wisdom.  Its not what I would have thrown together had I had more time, but at least a cutting file went to the baby shower and now that many more ppl were saying how in the world did you make that? :)  The onesie and the rattle are both cutting files found in the Pazzles craft room.  Such an easy little project.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Life looks so much different when you have a Pazzles:)

It's amazing how much different you look at things when you have the Pazzles Inspiration on your craft table. I have noticed  that almost everything I see or touch could potentially be a cutting file.  Last night I realized that I love tea and as I was opening the tea bag I thought OH! Wouldn't that make a cute cutting file? hmmm So off to my Inspiration I went with measurements in hand and I now have a tea bag cut file with the little hangy tag, that I can use on greeting cards, layouts and even a hidden journaling spot or a place to put a little tiny picture I did a quick picture of it but intend to dress them up much better than this in the near future.  Holler at me if ya want, the file I would be happy to share. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

I'm getting ready to put on the green!  :)  I have always had so much fun on St. Patty's Day what about you? What do you have plans to do?  Do you have any traditions for the day in your family?  We sure do, anyone caught without wearing green on this day is in super big trouble.  One might even get blasted with green confetti hahaha

I personally like to celebrate all the holidays.  There is no better way to get together with family then to have a party.  This year I am going to use my Pazzles to make great little party favor boxes for each person in my family and fill them full of all kinds of goodies.

Project and details coming soon :)