Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pinwheel Card

It has been almost a month since I posted, just been very busy getting ready for my craft fair.

I did take time to put together the ever so popular Spinner Card.  I watched many Stampin' Up youtube videos and searched the web for 2 days and finally realized how to create one myself.  This is not my original idea.  It is everywhere online, just type in Spinner Card and you will find many pictures, but very few if any, free files for it.  (Stampin' Up has the bundle to make this fun card)

I am going to try to share my first file and instructions here today. :)  Wish me luck and please comment to let me know how I did.  Please disregard the cartoons in the background as the grandson was here visiting. :)

First of all I just cut a regular A2 card.   I took an 8.5 x 11 sheet of whisper white (Stampin' Up) cardstock and cut it in half to make two cards.   I then had a folded card that measured 5.5 x 4.25.  I then cut the mat piece at 5.25 x 4.  At this time I cut the spinners out as well.  I used the spinners in the Pazzles Craft Room but any spinner will work and I have another here that I have shared, in case you are not a member of the craft room.  I attached the mat with my ATG gun.  I then put a piece of cardstock into my printer and typed the sentiment I wanted, set it up with no margins, and tabbed it over twice and then hit the space bar 2 times to get it over to the opposite side of the card where I needed it to be when cut.  I placed the cardstock on the pazzles mat and made sure to line it up exactly at the top of the mat over to the left hand side.  I eyed it all in and cut, it turned out perfect.  It would have been easier maybe had I had a good collection of stamps, or even used the pen tool for my Pazzles but I wanted to try it this way.  I also cut the groove out for the spinner at this time.

I did get out the stamps I have and used the Gorgeous Grunge Stamp set (Stampin' Up) with the Crisp Cantaloupe and Coastal Cabana Inks (Stampin' Up) to make the splashy look on both cards.

 I then used a 2 penny sandwich, which I made out of a penny, a dimensional and another penny all stacked on top of each other.

I stuck a couple mini glue dots (Stampin' Up) on one side of the sandwich and then kind of stuck it behind the topper with the groove and then placed the spinner on top of the groove and connected them together with the grooved topper between the two.  I then put several demensionals on the back of the grooved topper, so that the spinner would have room to move and then stuck the topper onto the card.  WALLA a darling little spinner card!  Tip: Shake the card sideways several times until it gets set in there the way you want it and it spins good.

You could use any sentiment you can think of but I liked the "You Blow Me Away".  Stampin' Up has a stamp set made for the spinner card.  It includes that sentiment.  I came up with the Spinning By To Say Hi, but when I do it again I will drop the G and have Spinnin' By To Say Hi, I just think it looks more fun :)

I hope you enjoy and understand the instructions and if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section and I will check back often.

WPC Spinner.
Groove Mat With Optional Grooves

Happy Scrappin'