Friday, July 25, 2014

Frugal Tip

Hello friends. 

My what a beautiful couple of days we have had here in Ohio.   Just so sunny and bright and so much fun to be outside.  I personally can't handle the sun anymore but I remember when I could and I know the kids have been having a great time.

I had to send my machine in for repairs so I have been sort of at a loss for a project .  I decided to do a little catching up on supplies I may be low on or out of.  I took a very fun little trip to Springfield Ohio with my sister yesterday (Thursday) we went to Hobby Lobby.  I again spent way to much money, got a lot of really cool paper from The Paper Studio and a bunch of other stuff.  The best thing I got though was the new refills for my ATG gun and I will tell you why :)

As I was putting my new tape roll on the ATG gun I of course had to take the old stuff off.  I always get stuck just pulling it off until I end up with large bunch of paper backing.

 I thought to myself that this would make a great bunch of decorative filler.  I then decided to try it out, I stuck it in a very pretty box, cut it up a little and WALLA!  I have a great little gift, so very cute.  I will be saving mine from now on and will use it when I can match it with a project and the best part is that it is shiny, makes it that much more decorative.


I hope you all enjoy this tip and maybe find a way to use it yourself.  I think some of the other brands come in different colors, like maybe white.  This is such a frugal tip and I am so glad I thought of it as I am not the most frugal crafter.

Happy Crafting to all :)