Friday, May 16, 2014

Pazzles May 2014 Inspiration Challenge

This month we were to find something that inspires us and do a project around it.  I was inspired by my kids and how much they loved their pet Walker.  He was chained up outside last week; when the kids came home he was gone.  My grandkids were so upset as they had had him since they were just babies.  They looked and looked and finally posted to facebook about it and with the help of social networking they found him that night.  A lady had found him out walking and she took him home gave him a bath and kept him until she found his owners.  How wonderful that they were able to find their puppy and I decided to make a new home for him :)  I made Walker a new dog house album and now the kids will have just the perfect place to display his photos. :)  I had so much fun with this.  My original plan was for the book to open on the sides but after dolling it up so much there was no way, so I had to make it open at the top, Oh well it's a grand little album and I am sure they will love it.  I hope you enjoy and possibly find a little inspiration yourself  :)